Men Help Men

December 11, 2022

“But I have prayed for you, that your faith should not fail; and when you have returned to Me, strengthen your brethren” Luke 22:32, NKJV.

In God’s eyes, you’re not winning if you’re not helping anybody. Real winning is when you get beyond yourself and help someone else win. We are called to make disciples, called to win the lost. What pleases the Father is when we let our light shine, doing good works so that he is glorified. We sharpen one another. As the Lord strengthens you, share some wisdom and strengthen another brother. As he even helps you through your test, reach back with your testimony of how God is still blessing you. Even on the cross, Jesus was a part of someone else’s victory.

Someone prayed for you. Someone’s prayers help you through your pain, and now the Lord says to help someone else through theirs. As we get closer to the return of Jesus, we are being called closer to one another because he knew we would need to encourage each other to be all he called us to be. Help another brother get through it and thrive. Help him be free.

Prayer: Father, I give you praise and glory. Thank you for speaking to me. Real winning is helping someone else win in life. Help me to be like You, Jesus. Men help men. You have changed me. May I help another brother in any way you tell me to. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

Study: Luke 22:31-32, Psalm 51:12-14, Matthew 5:16, Hebrews 10:25

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