A Wife to Hold

December 10, 2022

A wife to hold when it gets cold
Or when it got hot
You know what I mean by hot
It’s what they did when they tied the knot
Until all of a sudden, her heart stopped
My brother’s heart dropped
Now there’s too much space in the bed
On his chest, she would softly rest her head
He misses her hair that use to
Get in his mouth too
As she lay caressing him too
A love every day new
A love every day true
A love strong no matter what they been through
A love that will get through this too
Because when you miss the wife you use to hold
You can go to the One that will hold the soul
The One that will catch every tear
The One that will say I’m here
to hold you.

The wife you use to hold is cheering you on too
As she walks with Jesus on streets of gold
She says I miss you too
There’s nothing I’m going through
Who knows
One day He may introduce you
to someone new
It’s okay for you to soar
It’s okay to be more
It’s okay to do what He says
Please hold another that says
“Boy, turn that bright light on that phone off and turn your tail over in this bed. I want your chest to lay my head.”
You can hold again while you still hold on to me.

“Thou art all fair, my love; there is no spot in thee.” Song of Solomon 4:7

Prayer: Father God, thank you for touching my brother’s heart. If my brother has lost his wife and is no longer able to hold her at night, Father, I pray He holds on to you. Comfort his heart and let him know you are with him. Help him receive your joy over the new things you have in store for him. For my married brother, help him see his wife as a gift he’s been blessed to hold. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Study: Psalms 34:18, 2 Corinthians 1:3-4

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