Nothing Like His Presence!

August 31, 2019

I’ve been in the presence of a lot of people, but no one’s presence gives me a full joy, a full perspective of my hope and victory like the Lord. In His presence, there is an exceeding gladness that can’t be compared. It’s not found in the things we can acquire. It’s not found in the sports we watch. It’s not found the wife we have. His word says that in HIS presence is fullness of joy!

How do you get into God’s presence? It is the same as it is naturally–you come to Him. One way to come to Him is with heartfelt praise because He inhabits the praises of His people (see Psalm 22:3). He dwells in your praise. Also, anytime you come honestly and humbly in prayer before Him, the Lord will meet you there. When He is present before you, everything that seemed heavy becomes light. His love, His power, His comfort, and His strength will put you back together again.

God is real and so is a tangible experience of Him. Wherever you are, whether you’re going through a trial, or you are weary, seek His presence today. Being in the presence of God will refresh your soul. He is all that you need.

Prayer: Father, I praise You! I come before You and I will not rush either. There’s nothing like being in Your presence and in it there’s fullness of joy! Let me experience Your presence today. Fill my cup Father and refresh me. Lift everything that is heavy, and before You I am reminded of the victory I have in Jesus Christ. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

Study: Hebrews 4:16, Matthew 11:28, Romans 5:1-2

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