Your Source Comes First

October 15, 2017

“O God, You are my God; early will I seek You; My soul thirsts for You; My flesh longs for You In a dry and thirsty land where is no water” Psalm 63:1, NKJV.

“You need to check your Facebook and the news, you have to send that e-mail, you have to prepare to go to work, your wife wants to discuss those important plans, what about the electric bill, how will you elevate the business, you must decide about your mortgage, that big client is coming today and you have to get ready for that…”

In the morning, all of these things and more are waiting on you with pressure. They all say we come first. They are all say we’re most important, however, nothing is more vital than your time with God. Your relationship with Jesus is your greatest possession in these times. The wisdom for everything else hinges on it alone. You are about to travel on a road you have never been, and it is important to have your Guide close. You are in a dry land and He has all the water, from joy and peace, to patience and power, that you need.

Either we will seek God early prior to our success, or we will seek Him after our failure. The devil wants to rush you right past your relationship with the Lord today. Yes, you need the money. Yes, you need the deal. However, you need the will of God more.

Confession: God is my source for all things. Nothing is more important then seeking Him first. He is the key that unlocks every door. I will search for Him early. I will search for His wisdom early. I will search for His power early. I will seek Him first. I will inquire of Him and find out what He thinks. That’s my plan and He will handle everything else.

Study: Matthew 6:33

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