Doing What’s Right

February 7, 2018

“Blessed are those who keep justice, and he who does righteousness at all times!” Psalm 106:3, NKJV.

Sometimes, I have to remind myself not to make being a christian man complicated. God’s ways are not grievous. If you really just stand back and look at all that God says, it is simply doing what’s right.

Treat people right. Speak what’s right. There’s no bondage to being able to tell people the truth or admit that you messed up. It’s right to apologize. The same compassion God has for you, give it to others. The same mercy God has toward you, give it to others. He is good to you–be good to others expecting nothing in return. Do the things that help and build up, not hurt and tear down. It’s right to pay who you owe. Give an honest day’s work on your job. Love what God loves, and hate what God hates. If you desire to hear God’s voice and know His will, He is telling you whatever is right and good, that’s what you do.

Right living is not according to what the world defines as the right way to live, but according to what God deems as being right in His sight. You will find right living will help you make clear, wise decisions (not emotional decisions) and really simplify life. You may have to be patient when you do what’s right financially, but keep doing it. As a result, you will be a mighty man that will be blessed at ALL times.

Prayer: Father, thank You this morning for life, and thank You for the simple principle of righteousness. Thank You for the peace of righteousness. Help me to keep life simple and just do what’s right in Your sight. According to Your word, as I do what’s right, I thank You that I will be blessed at ALL times! In Jesus’ name, Amen!

Study: Colossians 3:23, Psalm 15, Proverbs 16:13, Hebrews 12:11, 1 Thess. 5:15

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