You’re More than a Conqueror!

May 13, 2019

“Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us” Romans 8:37, NKJV.

To conquer means “to overcome and take control by use of force. It means to gain mastery over or win by overcoming obstacles or opposition, even to conquer or climb a mountain successfully”. Yet to your mighty God, this definition isn’t sufficient enough to describe who you are through Christ that loved you. He called you more than a conqueror.

The Greek meaning for more than a conqueror is “properly, exceedingly conquer, being more than a conqueror, i.e. a ‘super-conqueror’ who is ‘completely and overwhelmingly victorious’.” God didn’t make a mistake when He called you this. He didn’t exaggerate or stretch the truth regarding who you are. He put a lot in you, and most of all, the Lion of Judah lives in you.

Therefore, be affirmed that you can exceedingly conquer. He has made it proper to declare that you not only have the victory, but you have a complete and overwhelming victory over the wicked one, over sin, anything unlike God, any spirit of fear, or any tribulation. You can get back up because you are a super-conqueror!

Boldly charge your faith today. Receive in your heart today that you who God says you are and walk in it.

Prayer: Father, I thank You and I receive your affirmation of who I am in Christ. This man is more than a conqueror! I’m just like Jesus. Yes I am, and I can completely dominate over whatever I face. I can rule over this flesh and its’ desires. I know who I am and I receive boldness from You Father to walk in it. I am more than a conqueror! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Study: Luke 10:18

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