Love Them

October 20, 2022

“Love never fails…” 1 Corinthians 13:8, NKJV.

I started changing my mentality recently to straightforward love. I’m not perfect at it. As a matter of fact, I fail quite often. But I truly believe very few situations, things, or people change due to anger, disapproval, or hatred. The love of God is the only thing that actually changes a person. I think you put the love of God in the situation. I think you love that person that has issues with you, even if it’s from afar. I think you love that person that has a bad habit, addiction, or even lifestyle that you don’t agree with. You love them and love on them. The goal isn’t to love them for them to change. The goal is to love them the same way God loves us—unconditionally, showing unrestrained Grace. Give love to your wife or husband when they are doing the exact opposite of what you think they should be doing. God has them. Love that crazy coworker that you really want to call some bad names daily. Love your children who aren’t being what you know they’re capable of being. If they don’t change, that’s between them and God. If they do change, God be the Glory. Again, I’m going to mess this up from time to time. I won’t always agree with you, but I’ll love the crap out of you, and I’m happy for you when you are happy, and I’m happy for you when you find success. Even if it doesn’t turn out how you would like it to be, I’m still going to be here for you, Loving you.

Written by: Keir Chapple, brother

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