So Blessed, So Thankful

June 22, 2018

“When you have eaten and are full, then you shall bless the Lord your God for the good land which He has given you” Deuteronomy 8:10, NKJV.

You are excelling in your line of work. Your business is thriving and sales keep coming your way. Your ministry is growing. There’s substantial money in the bank. You and your spouse are on one accord, and your family is happy. The time off you needed lined up just right so you can take an awesome vacation. You just bought a new vehicle at a great price and you are loving it. Everything is working for you.

When you are experiencing so many blessings, remember to remain thankful. Sometimes, it can be so easy when it appears that you have it all, to feel like you don’t need God or need to seek Him. That is actually the time to thank God and to continue seeking Him even more. Don’t fall for the ploy of pride the devil sends to subtly drift you away from your Source, which is how you’ve arrived there in the first place.

Thankfulness is the voice of humility. It will keep you balanced. You don’t get too high or too low. Thankfulness has reminded me, sometimes with tears in my eyes, that it wasn’t always this way. God did what He said He would do. He did it, not you.

Stay thankful to God for your blessings, with all that you have, so He can keep using you to be a blessing.

Prayer: Father, I thank You for bringing me into this place of plenty. Thank You for delivering me! Thank You for prospering me. It wasn’t always this way. You had mercy on me and blessed me. Help me to remain humble and seek You even more! Use all that You have given me to advance Your kingdom! In Jesus’ name, Amen!

Study: Deuteronomy 6:10-12

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