Lord Have Your Way

September 8, 2019

“Show me Your ways, O Lord; teach me Your paths.” Psalms 25:4, NKJV.

Your way may on the surface appear better or even more sure, but there is nothing like allowing God to have His way in your life. In His hands He holds life, good instruction, wisdom, success, and strength. In His will is where your desires get met. Everything you could ever dream of, He will exceed your expectations because He is just that good.

Your way won’t work. Let God do what He desires to do in your life. Don’t restrain Him or hold Him back. Let His Spirit fill you and use you today. Let His praise flow from your mouth and make Him big in your circumstance. Let Him do what He wants to do, even if that involves launching what’s in your heart, or confidently being who He made you to be. Let Him have His way.

Prayer: Father, thank You for another day and I ask that You have Your way. Your will be done Father. Have Your way in me. Have Your way with what You’ve put in me. Have Your way in my children. Have Your way in my wife. Have Your way in the earth. I surrender to You and allow You to use me in a mighty way. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

Study: Luke 22:42, Acts 16:25-26

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