He Made an Oath

February 3, 2019

“Thus God, determining to show more abundantly to the heirs of promise the immutability of His counsel, confirmed it by an oath” Hebrews 6:17, NKJV.

When a man makes an oath, that man enters that oath with the utmost diligence about doing what he said and knowing he has the resources to carry it out. If a mere man does this, how much more the God of the universe, the God that created heaven and earth, the God that is able to say His word and carry it out.

God made a covenant with Abraham. He made an oath and swear by Himself because there was none greater. He made an oath not to settle His word–His word does that alone. He did it to settle the disputes of your heart. You don’t have to be afraid today, but you can have faith today. You can expect of God, assured that if God said it, He will keep His covenant with us, a better covenant filled with better promises in Christ Jesus.

He wants you to know that even in these times, you can count on Him. You can have real strong faith in Him. Your Father will move heaven and earth before He let’s His word fail. Confirmed by an oath, He carries out every single one of His promises.

So let your faith rise, as you more and more allow to settle your heart that God not only gave His Word, but on top of that, He made an oath to help you, to answer you and abundantly favor you.

Prayer: Father, You made an oath when You didn’t even have to. You swore by Yourself. You want me to live free, have peace and believe You. Your word is sure and I declare I will not worry in these times. I serve a good God that made a good oath toward me. I praise You and I’m going to keep standing on Your promises. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen!

Study: Hebrews 6:11-18, Psalm 119:89

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