Having Gospel Conversations

January 21, 2019

“The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, and he who wins souls is wise” Proverbs 11:30, ESV.

Sometimes, we view sharing our faith as something we do door-to-door. There is a place to for that, but most of the time sharing Jesus is going to be done very easily and with joy within the relationships and conversations we are already having. God wants you to use the conversations that you’re already having and turn them into Gospel conversations–conversations about the Good News of Jesus Christ. Here are some tips on doing that.

Recognize – There is a purpose for every conversation we have. Pursue to pivot those conversations into something meaningful. You may have started talking about sports, but look for an opportunity to turn what you’re talking about into something about life. Recognize when who you’re talking to takes the conversation into something going on in their own lives or what they believe as well.

Allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you – Listen and allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you about what they are saying, as well as what they are not saying. He’ll cause you to hear a whole lot when you listen to people. He will reveal to you about pinpointing what their real need is. He’ll cause you to be sensitive to what they are looking for or asking, and give you the words to say.

Relate to them – It’s okay to get personal with someone. It’s okay to open up about what you believe or your testimony. Open up and to love them enough to tell them the truth about their life. As the Holy Spirit leads you, be bold to share Jesus.

Prayer: Father, thank You for making sharing Jesus simple. Hell is real and I don’t want anyone to go there. Show me how to have Gospel conversations each day. When it’s time, help me love people enough to tell them about Jesus. Let no fear stand in my way. Give me the words to say, wisdom and boldness Holy Spirit. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

Study: John 4:4-26, Acts 4:5-12, & 8:26-36; 2 Corinthians 5:18

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