Let God keep you.

August 16, 2020

“…Do not arouse or awaken love until the time is right” Song of Solomon 8:4, Berean Study Bible.

It’s important in relationships that you keep sex out of the picture in the dating process. It confuses your soul and your entire body. It makes it harder to hear God’s voice and His direction. Your body is precious. Your man parts are precious and only to be enjoyed by your future wife. I know saving yourself for marriage is not at all popular in the world today, but if you let God keep you, He will greatly reward you. He will reward you with a strong friendship built on trust and commitment. He will reward you with the greatest sex life in marriage.

Your future wife will be the right woman for you. She will be everything you need, wrapped up in what you want. Tell your body no when it’s screaming for sex. Tell your body, “My future wife is going to satisfy this part of me.” You have the same self-control that Jesus walked in, and with His help, you can do this! Trust Him and watch how the Lord blesses you beyond your wildest dreams with His right woman for you!

Prayer: Father God, I need your help to keep my body under control. Help me, Lord, to see your prize and give me something to look forward to that will help me wait for what you have for me. I ask for your forgiveness for my sin. Restore my purity Lord and help me glorify you in this area. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Study: 1 Corinthians 6:16-20

New book coming soon, “Best Friends, Best Sex” by Bernard and Kesha Trippett! Stay tuned…

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