Keep Following Jesus

November 22, 2020

“But when the multitudes knew it, they followed Him; and He received them and spoke to them about the kingdom of God, and healed those who had need of healing” Luke 9:11, NKJV.

The people at this moment decided to follow Jesus and He didn’t turn them away. He didn’t turn their need away. He received them. Jesus took care of all their needs. The Lord took care of the whole man. He ministered to them spiritually, healed them and miraculously feed them.

There will always be the blessing of being received by Him, when you follow Him.

There will never be a moment when you decide to follow Him, that He won’t receive you. There will be no mention of what you have or haven’t done. He won’t reject you and your need, but welcome you and your need. He won’t turn you or your need away.

Keep choosing to follow Him. He’s going to welcome you, the whole man, and take care of you.

Prayer: Father, thank You for all You’ve done. Thank You Jesus that as I follow You and come to You that You will receive me. You welcome me to come and receive of You. I am never condemned or rejected. As I follow You in these times, help me to trust that You will continue to take care of all of me. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

Study: Luke 9:10-17, Psalm 37:25, John 10:10, Philippians 4:19, 3 John 1:2

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