When a Man Cries Out to The Lord

January 26, 2019

“I cried unto the Lord with my voice, and he heard me out of his holy hill” Psalms 3:4, KJV.

David was being chased down by his own son. Can you imagine your own son attacking you to take your life? Yet, when things became so deep, so horrible and unbearable, David knew where to run to. He made it a point to cry out to the Lord.

Whether you are stressed out as a man. Whether you’re experiencing heaviness from all the decisions you have to make. Whether you just don’t know what to do at this point in your marriage. Whether you feel it’s just too much or you feel you’ve messed up too much. You may even need a deep work done in your heart. Cry out with your voice to the Lord and He will hear you.

Crying out doesn’t necessarily mean your tears, yet it is a reaching out in faith for God to do what you know only He can do. You single Him out and say God You can meet this need based on what He said in His Word.

Like David, from where He is, from His holy hill, He will hear you. He will hear you with the intent to do something about what you are crying out for. He is present with power and wisdom. He is a resurrecting God, able to bring life and strength right where you are. He is faithful to hear you and help you.

It’s not time to be a hardcore man, but in humility, cry out to the Lord.

Prayer: Father, You are good and I thank You that You are a faithful God. Lord, I cry out to You! I reach out to You with faith in Who You are. Hear my voice Lord. Hear me from Your holy hill. Rescue me. Shape me. Direct me. Help me with this situation. Come right where I am and make a way. I praise You and glorify You! In Jesus’ name, Amen!

Study: Psalm 9:12, 145:19, Exodus 15:25

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