God, I Value Your Word

April 1, 2020

“The law from your mouth is more precious to me than thousands of pieces of silver and gold” Psalms 119:72 NIV.

It goes without saying that we esteem things and people that we hold in high regard or value. I remember in my late teens and twenties making vision boards from clippings of mansions, expensive cars, luxury items, and scenes of board room power from Forbes and Fortune magazines. I saw those things as valuable and worth diligently pursuing. Now twenty years later, after I’ve accumulated just a few items from those vision boards, the value I initially put on those things just doesn’t invoke the same level of excitement, diligence, or value I once put on them. In short, my perspective of value changed, and with it, what I was willing to invest in pursuit of those things changed as well.

The psalmist, in various places within Psalms 119, has come to a place in their growth and development as a person and as a follower of God, where they place a higher value on the word of God than material possessions, riches or the status those things could bring. In assigning a higher value to God’s word, the psalmist created an environment that gives them daily excitement and purpose to diligently pursue God’s word in knowledge, understanding, and obedience that set them apart from others. The heart of the believer that is turned to the heart of God by and through His word will create a lifetime of excitement and intimacy with the Father as He reveals Himself in ways that others may never come to know.

Prayer: Father, Your word is more valuable than I could ever understand. Your word gives and sustains life, and preserves all Creation. I thank You for Jesus, the Word made flesh and the Holy Spirit who lives in me. Lord, teach me how to value Your word above all things and lead me into a lifetime of discovering who You are in a deeper way as I pursue Your heart. I thank You that Your word will stand forever and that I stand on a sure foundation in You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Study: Psalms 119:24, 72, 93, 127-128, and Matthew 24:34

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