You Can Live Again!

October 30, 2019

“But He put them all outside, took her by the hand and called, saying, “Little girl, arise.” Then her spirit returned, and she arose immediately. And He commanded that she be given something to eat” Luke 8:54-55, NKJV.

You were down, but Jesus raised you up. You were broken, but the Lord fixed you. What is in your past, it happened, but it’s gone. Like Jairus’ daughter, now you have to not only get up—but live.

The length of time we were down, or we beat ourselves up, may have been so long, that it can cause us to feel like we’re dead inside. We almost don’t remember how it feels to be alive, to be ourselves, to be happy, or to worship God and mean it, to be full of Jesus and his rest.

Begin to enjoy your life. Don’t just get up, but eat also. Even if you have to go out to eat at your favorite restaurant today as an act of your faith, then do it. You can go after His plans for you. You can live again.

Prayer: Father, I praise You today. I thank You for a great life before me. Jesus, you raised me up, and now you say live. If I have to go and eat physically at my favorite restaurant, I will, but help me not to continue to beat myself up about what I went through. I’m going to enjoy life. I’m going to live. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

Study: Luke 8:40-56

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