Come to the end of yourself and ask Him for It

December 9, 2017

“For it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure” Philippians 2:13, NKJV.

When you were a child, you wouldn’t hesitate to ask your parents for literally everything. You would ask dad for some money. You would tell mom you need something to eat. Yet that’s not all. You would ask your parents to help open something that’s too hard to turn, help you figure something out like homework, for answers to questions, buy you some candy, and whatever else came to your mind that you wanted or had need of. No matter what it was, it always made since that if you had any kind of desire, questions, any help…anything…for you to go to your parents for it.

I’m learning more and more to go to God for literally everything in the same way. I’m realizing I can stop struggling to overcome things on my own. I’m learning more and more to not try to win the battle with sin and moving beyond it. I’m learning more and more to come to the end of myself from the start. Although we’re men, we’re as a car without power steering, there are things to hard to turn in your life without the power of God. If you need anything, literally anything, just like your parents, go to your heavenly Father for it.

He will give us the power to do it and even work in us the very desire itself to do what pleases Him. Because of Jesus, we can go to God and ask for help to love Him more, for courage, wisdom to figure out, answers to problems, the desire for studying the bible and prayer, the desire to quit smoking, overcoming sin, bad habits, believing, a passion, financial increase, and character. God is able and will perform a marvelous work in you. Whatever it is–whatever–come to the end of yourself and ask Him for it.

Prayer: Good morning Father, here it is. This is what I ask of You to do in me. I’m use to doing it all as a man, but I realize I can’t. Right now I take my hands off of it and give it to You in prayer. By Your Holy Spirit, give me the grace to live like Jesus. Help me develop the habit of depending on You and coming to You for everything. Do a marvelous work in me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Study: Philippians 4:13

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